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Barn Picture made June 24, 1994, it stood in my back yard, now it is gone. A bulldozer did the trick in twenty minutes, today the remains are the centerpiece of a brush pile with Lombardi Popular trees standing more than thirty feet tall surrounding it, with other trees in the center reaching forty feet. Inside the Circle lives our Fox Family, surname is Red. Last year Mrs. Red had four pups oft times she shows them to us. She has a new litter but we won't see them until Spring. Regardless of our life events only Family Counts near it ending stage.


Over the years we have researched thousands of Immigrant families to here on the North American Continent Canada and or United States beginning with Leif Erickson who left Canada in 982. Thereof we have documented 15,787 Immigrant Persons with substantial proofs places of origin including Parents, estate records and or other necessary particulars. 


Invention is not new, Convention usually follows the wrong pathway, Indecision rules the life of people worldwide whereas modernity is seemingly lost, bound within an obscure cloud of lies is become the norm, thereafter history past proved comes that inevitable fire storm. Whenever lives expire there are only two potential places for us forever to retire, those who profits from lies are in for a surprise, claiming to be what you are not as you were begot by an act of love cannot ride the Wings of a Pure White Dove high above the Cloud of lies you chose to make, will cause the ground beneath you to shake magnitude preponderant EVIL earthquake immediately before awake reminds us whose Soul was next being asked partake.


Despite whatever or however you believe, you are what you be, not what you make self out to be amongst family friends neighbors peers and associates many of which, are caught up with you in the rising tide want to be now are not today, what whence begot by an act of love ordained is not above, instead resides inside, long before life luminary heard the voice of your mother, and then your father, mayhap sisters and brothers, all of whom since smothers you with love neither born of above nor below, as you move through life living in reality of your own motion pictures show whenever our mortal end comes we know no place else to go.


Fate determinates are already ripe proving truth is the necessary substance of all life, and for the many it is far too late with the inevitable date to find my gate being a heartbeat away, before you breath in and partake of a fresh supply, therefore truth rules supreme and it seemingly manifests when someone else is uttering the words, "it will soon be alright," as you lay quivering of sheer fright eyes growing dim within self-revelation you lost the ability to swim, necessity demands it to be an infinite sea that never began in a far away distant land all part of the plan, deaf cannot see, blind and cannot hear, yet you try to recall the words of a man named John wrote long ago about some men in a boat rowed out to sea then given a command cast their fishing nets into the ocean evening tide as means for inspiration neither invocation nor proclamation final warning declaration make ways for your self-preparation. 

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"I will make you fishers of men"! When researching your own familial connections the necessary fact cautions you to prove the phrase, "Ladies Come First," for men seldom carry off the Family Records whence are found among Married Daughters, instead of Sons Worse Durst.

Sure, it is the man whose Surname is traced in Western Cultures, but tis the Ladies Who Sat you atop whose Chair you are sitting on, it was not the men because men put you in your Chair proving you as nothing more than an ole chair you are sitting in instead atop it for liar men ignite Dead brain Rocket which tends to prove men have not a useful locket!!

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